Networking IRL

Social media networking is all the rage today. Which got me thinking. I should write about what isn't getting as much play, but is still central to achieving results - whether it be finding a new job or developing new clients. In my experience, the best way to...

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Your World 2013

We're entering the second decade of the 21st century. The future is here. If you could create your ideal world, what would that look like? With new online tools today, it's becoming ever more possible. The creation of your world depends on you - defining what you want...

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10 New Laws of Recruiting in New World

#1- Be unique. Define yourself and tell your story. #2- Innovate and diversify - or perish. #3- Aim high. Communicate with and market to highest levels. #4- Think global. All the world's a stage and open for business. #5- Become a multi-expert. Go to and build the...

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