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“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Ramer Group as a candidate and then as a hiring manager.  I have always found Mike and his staff to be forthcoming, responsive, hard-working and professional.”

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Your next career move

Here we share our vision of the economy and, subsequently, where the job market is headed.  Where to go?  What to do?  How to get there?  Our search consultants have the knowledge, the network and the experience to assist you.

For leading companies, new technologies and demographics shape the workforce present and future.  The demand for highly skilled employees with outstanding communication and advanced technical skills will drive the future success of your company.  It is our quest to assist in locating and securing top talent for your firm.

For talented candidates, planning is essential to achieving your career goals.  Give careful thought to:  Why do you want to make a career move?  Where do you want to go?  And, in which direction will this lead you?  Think of your resume as the story of your life’s work.  You have the control to decide how and where to build your skills and career.  We will guide and assist in this lifelong process.

Skills in Demand

Rapid technological advancement and coming artificial intelligence will continue to drive the greatest economic transformation since the industrial revolution.  Those who will succeed now and in the future, global economy will have the ability to:

  • Adjust to rapid and continuous change
  • Learn quickly and teach others
  • Communicate at advanced levels
  • Solve problems with minimal supervision
  • Work effectively in teams
  • Innovate solutions

The ability to innovate solutions will be at the highest premium.  Due to the Internet, information (and the access to it) has become a commodity.  The ability to take distinct pieces of information and to create new information is the essence of creativity, problem solving and inventiveness.  In the coming age of artificial intelligence, these creative human “thinking skills” are central to what employers seek in top candidates.

Resume Ideas

For candidates, the resume is the primary job search tool.  The right resume can make or break your chances of being invited for an interview.  Think of your resume as a marketing document:  You have the opportunity to tailor your background to maximize your chances of being interviewed.

Hiring managers appreciate the three Cs:  Clear, Concise, Crisp.  Once in the hands of a prospective hiring authority, the goal is to have your resume selected for you to interview.  The following are a few guidelines that will make your resume stand out:

  • Limit your resume to one, at the most two pages, if possible.
  • Make good use of “white space” for readability.
  • Use “bullet point” format.
  • Tailor your resume for a specific position with a “Summary” up front.  A summary is a three to five line description of your background, highlighting years of experience, credentials and top skills and the position you are seeking.
  • In describing your positions, use action verbs and quantify accomplishments.
  • Read and re-read for grammar and spelling.

Interview Ideas

There are many “schools” of interviewing.  We believe interviewing as an artful skill that can be learned.  Once you master the art of interviewing, you’ll know it for life.  We can help you.

The following are a few established rules that will assist in interviewing.

1.  In the “Pre-Interview” stage, research the company and the position.  Confirm who you are meeting, when and where.  Prepare for questions.

2.  Think of the Interview in three parts:

    1.  Introduction, first 30 seconds, dress conservatively, warm smile, handshake, eye contact. Ice breaker talk

    2.  Body, 1 hour, engage interviewer in dialogue, ask insightful questions.

    3.  Conclusion, lasts 30 seconds, ask about the process, timing and next steps.  Exchange business cards. 

3.  In the “Post-Interview” stage, timely follow-up is essential.  Personal note, e-mail and/or phone call.

In the pre-interview stage, preparing for questions, perhaps through role-playing with one of our consultants will build confidence.  Post-interview, providing timely feedback will demonstrate your interest in the position. This is essential.

There’s much more to the art of interviewing.  We’ll be pleased to coach you for your interview.

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