“Your program was outstanding.  I mean that.  Over the years, I’ve seen many trainers — it isn’t easy to turn a recruitment skills and strategy course into something, fun, exciting, interesting.  Wonderful job!”
– A. Clemente, Anthony R. Byrne Productions, Inc.

“I’ve worked with many industry trainers and coaches over the years and Mike Ramer stands out as the best in the business.  His techniques are innovative and very effective.  I would recommend him highly to any recruiting consultant or recruiting firm that wants to take their game to a new level.”
– R.Milner, NES Group, Inc.

“Mike is one of the best trainers for recruiters I’ve heard.  He shares a lot of his personal experiences.  He presents a wealth of useful information.  I first heard him at the NAPS 2009 Conference where he made an excellent presentation, then again more recently at a Big Biller teleconference!”
– G. Finister, Advantage Human Capital, Inc.

“Mike was one of my favorite trainers presenting at the Fordyce Forum held in Las Vegas.  Mike’s high energy presentation coupled with his creative and innovative ideas has helped our search firm secure additional search work.  I highly recomend you see Mike’s training.”
– J. Fitzpatrick, Newport Strategic Search

“I spent 2 days with Mike at a New England Association of Personnel Services Owner/Manager retreat in Cape Cod.  I found Mike’s input to be incredibly valid and fresh.  I found myself writing page after page of notes from his discussion and could not wait to come back to the office to implement the ideas.  Mike is exactly who I would want to train me if I was either starting out in this business or just needed some new motivation to take me to a new level.”
– D. Richard, Mountain Ltd.

“Your presentation at the NAPS conference…had many innovative ideas…and you did a wonderful job delivering it.  Your knowledge and passion came through and just when I think I’ve heard it all, a “jewel” is dropped and I’ve learning something new.  It’s refreshing to hear new approaches that have been tried and work.  Thank you.”
– J. McCall LaSalle, McCall Staffing Associates

“Your session at the ASA Conference…was interactive and energized.  Everything you said was practical and valuable. You have that fire and your presentation kept us on the edge of our seats absorbing all of your ideas.  Thank you very much!”
– J. Carchidi, JFC Staffing Associates

“After hearing Mike speak at a number of industry programs, I invited him in-house.  He conducted LIVE marketing and recruiting phone calls that enthused and motivated my staff.  I’ve been in the recruiting and search business for over 30 years and have seen many trainers. Mike truly has unique approaches and techniques and he’s very approachable.  Truly one of our industry’s best trainers!”
– S. Klein, CEO, Century Staffing Consultants

“I rate Mike all 10’s.  He gives a wealth of information via assorted avenues (interaction with audience, phone calling, internet, flip chart, handouts) to address assorted learning styles.  You can learn from this trainer; his ideas are fresh yet tried in this market.”
– J. Page, Page Placement Services

“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  That’s not if Mike is doing the teaching.  Mike’s training and coaching have directly helped me succeed in two recent searches for over $60,000 in billing.  I would never have had the order, the candidate or closed the deal without Mike.”
– F. Schuck, FAS Management Search

“Mike is an excellent trainer for the recruiting industry.  With a very high level of energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the profession, Mike is able to effectively communicate and deliver top quality programs.  I’ve hired Mike several times for State Association programs as well as the NAPS Annual Conference and Mike is an excellent trainer to work with.”
– D. Robitalle, Xstaff and former NAPS Chairman

“Mike has provided training on multiple occasions to new search consultants at our firm.  Mike is an exceptional trainer. His great personality and sense of humor lends to a very productive, yet fun training experience.  I would highly recommend Mike for any organization looking for an exceptional training professional.”
– B. Warner, Director, Cambridge Search, LLC


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