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Training & Consulting: Recruiting & Human Resources

The Art of Search ©

Training for the Recruiting and staffing Industry

By Mike Ramer, CPC, CSP


“I’ve worked with many industry trainers and coaches over the years and Mike Ramer stands out as the best in the business.  His recruiting techniques are innovative and very effective.”

– President, National Recruiting Firm

Sample Training Programs & Seminars
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"The Art & Science of Search"

An in-depth, comprehensive step-by-step approach to the placement process.  Mike sees search in three overall parts:

1)  Client Development
2)  Recruiting
3)  Placement – The Art of the Deal.

Client Development and Recruiting are the science.  Placement is the art.  Mix the two effectively for certain success.

"The Art of Client Development"
To win new business, we need to add value for our clients.  Discover your “competitive advantage.”  Learn how to think like a consultant and talk the decision maker’s language.  Done right, you’ll be more productive and successful.
"The Art of Recruiting"
Information is power and time is money.  Because of the Internet, information is at our fingertips yet it takes time to find the right information.  Learn to use the right combination of Internet and phone skills to enhance success.
"The Art of placements"
Bringing all parties together to achieve a placement is the essence of what we do.  No two searches are alike.  Discover the “tried and true” rules of the game that lead to success. It’s all in how you manage the placement process – from start to finish.
"The Art of Negotiation"
We negotiate all day long in our personal and our business lives. In search, the aim is to arrive at a win-win-win solution — where your client, your candidate and you are very satisfied with the outcome.  Here you’ll discover techniques of the master negotiators.
"The Art of Mind Training"
Like many careers in sales and consulting, success in recruiting is a state of mind.  Learn how to visualize your success, set goals, and plan your days to achieve maximum effectiveness.  Your career in search will be more rewarding, personally and financially.
"State-of-the-Art Solutions" - Mike's Trademark
We’re all in different stages of our career and learning the business.  Mike’s interactive, consultative approach offers real time solutions to searches currently working.  A powerful seminar in which participants learn from one another.


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