I’m giving a keynote presentation on “Building Your Client Base with Social Networks” at the upcoming IPA National Convention and wanted to share a preview here.

From the advent of Web 2.0, I was a believer. Two feet. All in. I believed that the power of the web would transform the way business operated. The key was to discover what worked and then optimize its rich business building capabilities.

Think about what the web can do. It is a global library at our fingertips! We can research people and companies fast. We can e-market, receive feedback and measure response. Through social media, we can send targeted messages, obtain exposure (free advertising) and build our brand. Distance learning and collaboration possibilities are limitless. Exposure leads to more exposure and to new business opportunities.

Here’s how it started for me. Before 2008, I wrote articles for industry publications and issued press releases. In 2009 when my social network contacts were less than 500, I was video interviewed remotely by Bill Vick. In the interview, I talked about diversifying my business, multiple streams of income and web collaboration. My video was distributed and broadcast on social networks. People online got to know who I was fast.

Fast forward three years. I have been building and connecting my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook contacts. I have secured my vanity name for each. My blog “Recruiting in New World” is also the name for my LinkedIn group. I have a Facebook fan page which is connected to my other networks. I am ranked high in my industry in Twitter followers. I use Skype for international and video calls. I have produced on-line videos using Vimeo which is linked to my blog. I need to expand my YouTube channel and use www.oovoo.com for video collaboration and training. I have been experimenting with other online networks, including; Google Plus, Foursquare, Quora, Pinterest. I own www.MikeRamer.com.

I’m honored to be asked back to be the keynote speaker for IPA. Last year, one attendee said this (a testimonial on my LinkedIn profile):

“Mike’s presentation on Social Networking at the IPA convention was terrific. I have been to dozens of training sessions…some did a great job of reminding you of the basics, some that pumped you up for at least a couple of weeks and some that presented a surefire system … This was the first time my viewpoint has been radically changed. Paradigm shift might be a little strong but Mike helped me to see LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in a whole new light. He enabled me to look at brand marketing seriously for the first time. I believe what I learned from Mike’s presentation will help me make more money…”
> Peter Miller, Managing Director/Owner, Peter O. Miller Executive Recruiting

In this year’s keynote, I will speak about the three elements needed to build your brand and your reputation online. I’ll talk about how to cross-market and optimize social networks. We’ll discuss best practices in LinkedIn. I’ll demonstrate specific techniques LIVE online followed by LIVE phone calling. This three hour presentation will be interactive and cutting edge!

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