We’re entering the second decade of the 21st century. The future is here.

If you could create your ideal world, what would that look like? With new online tools today, it’s becoming ever more possible. The creation of your world depends on you – defining what you want and your efforts.

For better or worse, 2009 will go down in the history books as a year of transformation. The very fabric of our lives – careers, relationships, money, healthcare – is being torn up and resewn. At the center are three forces: 1) economic compression 2) the speed of change in technology 3) global communication.

About 14 years ago on December 4, 1995, Business Week ran this story: “The Software Revolution. The Internet changes everything. Coming soon: Cheap, Web-ready mini-programs. No wonder the giants are jumpy.”

Sound familiar? Now the giants are jumpier than ever, because business power is shifting to the people, into the hands of employees and consumers. This affects every industry from training to jobs to pricing to marketing.

Social Media is changing everything again.
SOCIAL: people, relationships, fun. MEDIA: broadcast, exposure, recognized.

Look at the phenomenon of reality TV. People create the content and, in doing so, they determine the success of the show. Big media is dwindling. The rise of people media is coming fast. Case in point: NBC was sold to Comcast. And, Oprah Winfrey is starting her OWN cable network.

Indeed, these are revolutionary times. It’s truly amazing that we can now work and play from any location with mobile computing power and wireless networks, and then broadcast our thoughts about any subject worldwide.

With the right approach and focus, the new world of social media offers unprecedented opportunities, not just for business – but for you.

To see the way forward, one only has to look at Google, the company. Working on a campus. Collaborating in teams. Organizing information. Inventing tech tools. Offering customers global exposure.

Content creation and “the message” reign in the new world.
Everyone can participate with low-cost, content distribution.

How can you harness these new tools? You can create your own content and then spread your message. You are your own media company. To do it effectively, think globally and act locally.

In your world, what are you looking to achieve in 2010? If it’s a new job, finding one is about marketing, advertising and selling yourself. You are the product.

Follow these 12 steps in your 2010 job search:
1.  Define your world. Profession. Geography. People. Take stock of your experience and skill set. Your likes and dislikes.
2.  Research and discover what you want. The Internet is the free world library.
3.  Write your goals. Be specific and realistic. Crystallize in your mind what you want.
4.  Build your digital footprint. Post your professional bio and photo on social media sites starting with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Interact and share what position you’re seeking.
5.  Network on Social Media sites. Use job search capabilities and broadcast the position you’re seeking.
6.  Turn your online social relationships into phone calls. Proactively contact and talk with others. Let your enthusiasm and expertise shine through.
7.  Track your activities. Always thank people and return the favor whenever possible.
8.  Seek feedback and don’t take drawbacks personally. Fine-tune your approach and move forward.
9.  Build critical mass. 10 new contacts per week, 40 per month, 120 in three months.
10.  For interviews with employers, do your research and prepare for interviews.
11.  Use social media sites and online tools to follow up professionally.
12.  When possible, use the services of a career coach or search consultant who specializes in your field to assist with the interview and job search process.

You are the broadcaster of your job search with your own media network.

The objective in creating your world in 2010 is to create and manage your own brand, “You Inc.” Build mindshare with hiring managers through your online presence and professional follow-up. What do people think of when they think of you? When there is an opening for a position that matches what you’re looking for, will they think of you – and call you?

The mix of Social Media, old-fashioned networking and professional follow-up is the winning combination for a job search today. Once you secure your next job, don’t stop. Many more opportunities abound!

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