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Training is one of my passions. I believe learning and development is the heart and soul of everything we do as search consultants. Success in recruiting takes tremendous energy, focus, drive and determination. It also takes know-how. We must use proven techniques and also adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

Think of the range of skills required to be successful in recruiting: Researching, sourcing/phone skills, selling, marketing, interviewing, reading people and situations, negotiating and closing skills. And now social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

This is why our profession captivates me: It’s challenging and the rewards – personal and financial – are unlimited.

My passion for learning and teaching comes from my upbringing. In school I was driven to achieve straight A’s. I also played team sports and took art classes. I always liked psychology and solving problems creatively.

I grew up with training and recruiting in my blood. My mom was an ex-school teacher turned recruiter turned staffing firm owner. She was an entrepreneur with vision who valued training. She’s very intuitive with a “life-of-the-party” personality. People called her the “Seminar Queen” because she attended many industry events. She bought all the training material at conferences.

My mom was a single parent who started in the staffing business at around age 40 with three kids and barely able to make the mortgage payments. Even in the toughest times, she had a positive “can-do” attitude. Around the dinner table we talked about placements and deal-making.

My mom encouraged risk-taking. There is no failure, she would say, just learning what does and does not work.

In college I travelled Europe and earned a Masters degree in International Economics & Finance. After graduating, I went to live in New York City and work in banking then advertising. I left the corporate world after six years and started my own venture. When it crashed and burned, I joined my mom’s staffing firm and we built it up. When my mom retired in the late 90’s, she cashed in big time. I started my own search and recruiting firm in 1998.

Each trainer has a story about how they became one. Here’s mine: I joined my state’s staffing association and was asked to be on the Board. I volunteered to be the Education Chair and twice taught a six week course for beginning recruiters: “The 40 Steps to Placement.” From there, I was an Event Chair and then a Conference Chair, talking with trainers from around the country. For an event, we needed an extra speaker and I raised my hand. At my 2½ hour session, I did live Internet sourcing and phone calling, both marketing and recruiting. A person who attended was the sister of well-known industry trainer. She had national contacts and wrote me a great testimonial.

Before I knew it, I was training at my first NAPS Conference. That was 2003. From there, I was asked to train in-house and at other industry events and conferences around the country. Since, I’ve designed “The Art of Search” training programs and have produced private venue events, international tele-seminars and three CD training sets: 1) Future Big Billers, 2) Take It to the Next Level, 3) Up & Over $300K. I also started this blog: “Recruiting in New World.”

Many who inquire about my training ask what makes me different. Well, I run a desk and a firm, so I’m on the line like you, day-in and day-out. I’ve been recruiting for eighteen years and training for six. All of my programs are customized for the audience and the times. I spend considerable time preparing – and aim to deliver a high impact training experience.

People who have seen me train say I’m on a quest. My mantra is “rising tides lift all boats.” By sharing best practices, I believe we raise industry standards and elevate our collective image. That’s why I’m also a big believer in the value of certification.

This is why I train: Sharing new ideas, personal growth, elevating our profession.

In search and recruiting, there are many approaches that work. As I like to say, “Two thirds I’ve learned from others and one third I’ve innovated on my own.” From my training I want each person to take away two or three “Ah-Ha’s” – ideas, techniques, ways of thinking – and take them back and put them right to work. That’s how I know I’ve been a success in my training: When I receive follow-up emails and testimonials.

I’ve been told my training is interactive, motivational and innovative. Also that I’m very approachable. All true. When I train and I’m on, I get in the “flow.” It’s a term you may have heard that’s used in sports and other professions. The mind and senses align into a natural state of peak performance. Well, that’s what I feel like many times when I’m training – because it’s one of my passions.

My mom always said I might have been a teacher or professor if there was enough money in it. Maybe she’s right. For now, I want to train you in search and recruiting. So, hope to see you at NAPS. Remember to register today at: http://www.RecruitingLife.com.

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