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Our mission for talented candidates:
Obtain the position you want with the company of your choice.

The Ramer Difference

At Ramer Search, we add substantial value to your job search by acting as your:

  • Industry Consultant. We know the market.
  • Professional Advisor. We offer you counsel.
  • Skilled Mediator. We smooth the way.
  • Trusted Confidant. We ensure confidentiality.
  • Experienced Resource. We protect your interests.

Candidate Service Process

1. Assess your career ambitions.
To assist you in your career direction, we must first learn about your background, experience, accomplishments and career goals.
2. Advise & counsel.
Leverage our expertise to discover potential opportunities and set realistic expectations in regard to potential career options.
3. Verify references.
We ask you to provide three professional references that will allow us to assess your work history, accomplishments and character.
4. Customize your job search.*
As your search partner, Ramer will research the companies and open positions that best match your interests.
5. Actively market your skills.*
For our custom job search clients, we will persistently pursue opportunities by directly marketing your skills. The goal is to obtain interviews for you.
6. Supply progress & feedback.*
On a regular basis, we will provide updates on companies hiring, open positions and potential career advancement opportunities.
7. Arrange and prep interviews.
Ramer Search will coordinate interview details, and provide you with insight regarding who you will meet and what you can expect during the interview.
8. Debrief post interview.
Within 24 hours of each interview, we require that you call us to obtain feedback and discuss appropriate next steps.
9. Negotiate & extend offer.
We will evaluate your compensation requirements, including; salary, bonuses, benefits and special situations, if any, and then work with the employer to help secure an offer that will meet your requirements.
10. Coach resignation & onboard.
We will provide strategies to help you deal with counter-offers, and arrange a start date and transition to your new position.