Executive Search Services - Companies | Candidates

Our mission for our client companies:
Locate, qualify and secure exceptional talent.

Dynamic leaders. Visionaries. Catalysts for change. These are the people we recruit. Throughout our engagement with your organization, we will work lockstep with your executive team to ensure we are sourcing not just the most qualified talent, but the best-fit talent.

Ramer Preferred Client Services

1. Assess your business needs.
We begin each search assignment with an in depth consultation of your business needs. From this analysis, we develop a detailed profile of your ideal candidate.
2. Customize search plan.
Our team then develops strategies for candidate sourcing and provides a timeframe for deliverables. We also advise on competitive compensation packages.
3. Research & network.
Using our extensive contacts and database, our search consultants reach out to those who may be open and interested in advancement opportunities.
4. Source top candidates.
Using proprietary sourcing techniques, we will identify and screen potential candidates.
5. Qualify top candidates.
Individuals who pass our preliminary screening are then invited to complete in-depth personal interviews, where we assess background, experience, track record, performance, personal style and fit.
6. Arrange interviews.
Ramer Search will coordinate interviews with approved candidates. We will provide appropriate candidate preparation and confirm interview dates/times.
7. Debrief post interview.
Within 24 hours, Ramer Search will debrief the candidate on his/her experience in the interview and verify their interest in the opportunity.
8. Check and submit references.
Ramer Search requires three professional references from our candidates. We will conduct detailed reference checks and provide a written summary for your evaluation.
9. Negotiate & extend offer.
Once you have selected your ideal candidate, Ramer Search will provide advice on an appropriate compensation package. We will also work to ensure potential counter-offers will be declined.
10. Coach resignation & onboard.
Upon approval of your employment offer, Ramer Search will coach the candidate through his/her resignation process and ensure a smooth transition to your firm.

What you can expect:

  • An efficient search process and consultative style.
  • Superior access to hard-to-find talent.
  • Weekly progress updates of all search activities.
  • Insightful advice based on market intelligence.
  • Responsive service with calls returned within 24 hours.

What you will be asked to do:

  • Communicate search assignments with detailed parameters.
    Make certain we are completely clear about your requirements.
  • Provide detailed candidate feedback.
    To ensure success, we need full-disclosure and 100% honesty.
  • Immediately inform us of any change in the position's status.
    This keeps us focused precisely on your goals.
  • Please be extremely responsive to us.
    A quick reply is essential for us to secure the best talent.