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Expert Services

Balanced, Professional, Expert Opinions

Are you seeking expert advice on employment matters for litigation or mediation?

At Ramer Search, we serve as vocational expert witnesses:

  • We provide independent, professional evaluations.
  • We provide fair and balanced opinions.
  • We offer both employability and economic analyses.
  • We offer expedite service for time sensitive matters.
  • We have been retained on over 100 cases since 2003.

We are called upon to opine on matters related to employability and economics.
Upon request, we will calculate present value economic loss.

Our Expert Services include:

  • Initial Evaluation: An introductory call to determine your needs.
  • Follow-up: Fee schedule plus requested material.
  • Research & Analysis: Qualitative and quantitative examination.
  • Verbal Opinion: Confidential feedback to discuss findings.
  • Written Report: Presented on our letterhead.
  • Deposition (optional): Pre-trial questioning.
  • Testimony (if required): Arbitration or trial.


We are Certified Personnel Consultants and Certified Staffing Professionals.
We have testified in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Serving clients nationwide.

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